Capital of Hunan province—Changsha


Capital of Hunan province—Changsha
Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, There have 3,500 years history, it is a famous ancient city in China.
If You go to Changsha, You can see  some classic cultural sights  . Yuelu Mt is a “Must –see”attraction place, There have famous Yuelu Academy, just located at the foot of the Yuelu Mt. It is west bank of Xiangjiang River. It has a more than one thousand years history.Today Hunan University is sited  there.
Opposite the Yuelu scenic area  is the Juzi Zhou Tou, it is a long island. When Chairman Mao Zedong studied in the No1 Normal School, he and his friend often went swimming in the river and took a walk around the Juzi Zhou Tou. Today it build a park  with a marble monument in the middle  with Mao’s inscriptions .